ADDCo’s Journey to Becoming the ‘Most Outstanding Dance Studio’ in the Liverpool

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ADDCo’s Journey to Becoming the ‘Most Outstanding Dance Studio’ in the Liverpool, 2170 Region

In May this year, Australian Dance & Drama Company was nominated for the Local Business Awards for the 'Most Outstanding Dance Studio' section for the Liverpool, 2170 region! Over the next month, our goal was to get as many individual votes on our Local Business Awards page to secure a spot as a finalist. To do this, we used social media, in studio signage and email marketing to spread the word to our families and friends to vote for us!

We were holding our breath, not sure if we'd get over the line as a finalist or not. A couple of weeks after voting had closed, we received an email letting us know that ADDCo had made it through as a finalist!!! We were absolutely over the moon, but this meant that a lot of work had to be done.

The next stage of judging involved a judging panel. This section of the awards was quite daunting as we had to prove why ADDCo was the 'Most Outstanding Dance Studio' in the Liverpool, 2170 area and surrounds to a panel of people who were out of area and didn't know anything about ADDCo. One section of the judging was to submit a complete business plan outlining every aspect of the business. From cleanliness, staff training, business success, customer service, quality of tuition, POS & more!
One major aspect of the business plan that was being judged was marketing. Marketing ROI, what had been done previously and what the future of marketing looks like for ADDCo. KS MarComms Co. provided an extensive, in depth marketing plan. Including every medium that ADDCo utilises such as social media, website, SEO, print, signage and more.

An important part of ADDCo's marketing strategy this year was the rebrand of our logo. This was extremely well received, given the old logo didn't represent what the studio stood for anymore. But the submission didn't stop there. There was a lot that had to be done on the forefront of the studio to showcase ADDCo in the best light! So this meant, ADDCo needed a renovation!!! The 5th studio that was coming together slow & steady, quickly appeared. New floorboards, tiles, front desk and a lick of paint was needed, so the ADDCo team were put to work!

We had been advised that a 'Mystery Shopper' would be coming into the studio over the next month or two to ‘enquire about enrolling’. That 'Mystery Shopper' would be a panelist who wouldn't reveal themselves. During their time at the studio, some of the aspects they would be looking at included cleanliness, safety, customer service, comfort level, waiting areas, facilities, equipment being used, sound level, type of flooring, availability of parking, ease of access to the studio, friendliness of students and parents, signage and so much more. We were sure we would pass this section with flying colours given how friendly everyone is and how we prioritise health and safety.

On Tuesday the 6th of August, the time had come to attend the Local Business Awards Ceremony for the Liverpool, 2170 area. The event was held at the Holiday Inn in Warwick Farm at 7pm. When the time came for the 'Most Outstanding Dance Studio' to be revealed, we were shaking in our shoes!!! One after another, each finalist was revealed on the big screen. Then the words were heard.. The MOST OUTSTANDING DANCE STUDIO IN THE 2170 AREA is...... Australian Dance & Drama Company!!!! Absolutely stocked, our studio principal - Debra Atkins hastily rushed to the stage and gave a wonderful speech thanking the sponsors, our families and her team.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with ADDCo who made achieving this award possible. From the team of teaching staff, the cleaner, the kitchen help, the admin team, the marketing coordinator, the odd jobs team, the junior teachers & all the students & their families. These are the people that make ADDCo who we are. Safe, welcoming, friendly, non-judgmental, clean & an all round happy place to be. So this award belongs to all of you. It takes all of this to be the ‘Most Outstanding Dance Studio’ in the Liverpool, 2170 area.

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